5月 042016

Most folks who know me, know I'm a bit of a Star Wars geek.  I've analyzed the original trilogy scripts and documented my findings in a paper called Star Wars and the Art of Data Science.  I'm always looking for excuses to get my hands into Star Wars data, and […]

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5月 042016

On February 26, 2016 the SAS Canada Academic Program hosted its first event with the brand new Zone for Learning Analytics School (ZLAS) at Ryerson University. Ryerson created ZLAS in an attempt to bring analytics to all students across Canada and, so far, it’s working! Students from Ryerson University, the […]

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5月 032016

There’s no such thing as a free app. “What?” I hear you say, “but I download free apps all the time!” So then why do organisations spend considerable time and effort creating free apps? Often their goal is to collect data and turn it into money. Consider this example. There’s […]

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4月 292016

If you are an instructor who teaches large-enrollment introductory statistics courses and wishes to teach a modern data-driven course, read on. You know about the challenges of assessing student mastery in courses where there are hundreds – or even thousands! – of students and little or no support for grading […]

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4月 292016

The Barnett Shale in North Texas hit a historic mark on April 25: Its rig count fell to zero. Two hundred rigs once harvested the 40 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in this massive basin, stretching beneath 17 Texas counties. Today, nothing. This dramatic silence in North America’s second-largest […]

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4月 272016

It's a common problem in any industry: getting a large number of similar requests for information. But with limited resources and an already overburdened staff, how do you handle it? At El Paso Community College, analysts from the Institutional Research (IR) team enlisted the help of IT to create a data […]

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4月 262016

Right now, National Health Service (NHS) managers and clinicians in the UK are under phenomenal pressure to find big efficiency savings while improving the value of services to patients. Many in the NHS see integrated care as the answer. But the first step is finding innovative ways to increase the […]

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4月 222016

If nothing else you read puts your marketing efforts in perspective, this should:

It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle the money. It is the customer who pays the wages.

Henry Ford

Our customers deserve our respect. And I believe that, by and large, marketers treat their customers with the respect they deserve. But like with anything in life, creating happy customers only happens by making their experience relevant and satisfying – a complex task in an ever-changing environment.

That’s why SAS has introduced SAS Customer Intelligence 360 . It gives you the ability to integrate data from all of your customer touchpoints and share and gather customer intelligence across your entire organization (not just customer-facing departments).

One of the important modules of the new platform is SAS 360 Engage that does just what the name implies – helps you better engage with your customer by using analytical insights to make the right offers, faster.

Contextual marketing: Being in the moment with your customers

In the omnichannel world that marketers now inhabit, you know that you have to be hyper-alert at all times, or you miss an opportunity because you were too slow or make a misstep you’re not in a channel that your customer prefers.

The real power of SAS 360 Engage is in its ability to help you respond effectively to changes in customer behavior – say for example, the customer breaks a pattern of channel preference and moves to a different channel. You’ll be able to recognize behavior shifts and choose the best action for each interaction.

Personalizing, and even individualizing, the content that is placed on digital properties leads to higher engagement, loyalty and retention. It makes perfect sense. If customers see content that is relevant to them on a webpage or in a mobile app – they are much more likely to remain engaged – versus seeing generic content that is targeted to everyone. Targeting this “segment of one” increases uptake rates of offers and messages.

It's really the best of all possible worlds --  acquiring new customers while delighting existing customers --  using contextual customer engagement across digital channels and devices. Delivering a contextual offer allows you to boost new-customer acquisition rates and ultimately leads to a stronger, more profitable customer base and higher return on marketing investment.

Editor's note: This is an update of a post that originally appeared in April, 2016

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