5月 252016

Dr. Karen Copeland will be our featured guest on Analytically Speaking on June 8. She is the owner of Boulder Statistics, a successful consultancy to a wide array of industry sectors around the world — medical device, diagnostics, chemicals, marketing, environmental, consumer and food products, pharmaceuticals, and web analytics, among […]

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5月 252016

Recreating graphs is a hobby of mine. It both helps me test the limits of JMP and sharpens my own data handling and visualization skills. This time, there was a third benefit: finding a significant data error in the published chart. I recently saw this interesting mosquito trends chart as […]

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5月 242016

I’ve posted here in the JMP Blog about the American Marketing Association’s Advanced Research Techniques (ART) Forum and the impressive work that’s presented there every year. As co-chair, I am doubly excited for this year’s conference, which will take place June 26 – 29 in Boston, MA. We had an […]

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5月 232016

Do you need help picking a summer vacation destination - one that's not just great, but surreal? If so, this blog's for you! It's that time of the year again - I've got gobs of vacation time saved up, but I was drawing a blank on where to go... So I turned […]

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5月 202016

Both academically and professionally, more courses are being offered and developed to make more people comfortable with data, analysis and risk assessment. This necessitates some use of statistics, and software is pretty much a tool of the trade. Software — some new, some enhanced, some commercial and some open source […]

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5月 202016

If you're looking for higher pay and better opportunities, what career skills should you seek to acquire? You might think leadership or communication skills would top the list, but a recent study says otherwise. According to a massive study from MONEY and, SAS Analytics skills are the most valuable skills to […]

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5月 192016

How bad was the recent recession on the Las Vegas housing market, and what lingering side effects are still being felt? If you don't know squat about real estate housing markets, then this blog post is for you! It takes a simple graphical look at some data that helps explain […]

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5月 142016

It was John Allen Paulos who said, “Data, data everywhere, but not a thought to think.” That rings true more than ever before. Companies are struggling with the deluge of data coming at them from multiple channels. But traditional data channels are just the beginning. Companies also are facing an […]

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