Apache Hadoop

6月 022015

Bigger doesn’t always mean better. And that’s often the case with big data. Your data quality (DQ) problem – no denial, please – often only magnifies when you get bigger data sets. And, having more unstructured data adds another level of complexity. The need for data quality on Hadoop is shown by […]

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5月 302015

After reading Gartner's 2015 Hadoop adoption study results by Analysts Nick Heudecker and Merv Adrian, the first thing that comes to my mind is Goethe's phrase from Egmont, "Himmelhoch jauchzend, zu Tode betrübt." Translated: heavenly joy, deadly sorrow. What happened to yesterday's hype around the cute yellow elephant - which […]

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2月 172015
When asked what his movement wanted around a century ago, the iconic American labor leader Samuel Gompers famously gave a one-word answer: "More." This annoyed his opponents at the negotiating table and many in the business community. He was not demanding a specific wage increase or fighting for a distinct cause like […]
8月 202014
Even though it sounds like something you hear on a Montessori school playground, this theme “Share your cluster” echoes across many modern Apache Hadoop deployments. Data architects are plotting to assemble all their big data in one system – something that is now achievable thanks to the economics of modern […]
11月 192012
For some odd reason, the open-source Apache Hadoop ecosystem consists of cleverly named components that seem to have escaped from the Central Park Zoo.  You may be aware that the little yellow elephant named Hadoop was actually a stuffed toy that Doug Cutting’s son owned. (Doug is the co-creator of [...]