Big data analytics

11月 302016

Balance. This is the challenge facing any organisation wishing to exploit their customer data in the digital age. On one side we have the potential for a massive explosion of customer data. We can collect real-time social media data, machine data, behavioural data and of course our traditional master and […]

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11月 212016

Our world is now so awash in data that many organizations have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to available data to support operational, tactical and strategic activities of the enterprise. Such a data-rich environment is highly susceptible to poor-quality data. This is especially true when swimming in data lakes – […]

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11月 072016

Most enterprises employ multiple analytical models in their business intelligence applications and decision-making processes. These analytical models include descriptive analytics that help the organization understand what has happened and what is happening now, predictive analytics that determine the probability of what will happen next, and prescriptive analytics that focus on […]

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9月 202016

As I've previously written, data analytics historically analyzed data after it stopped moving and was stored, often in a data warehouse. But in the era of big data, data needs to be continuously analyzed while it’s still in motion – that is, while it’s streaming. This allows for capturing the real-time value of data […]

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8月 222016

It's the age of big data and the internet of things (IoT), but how will that change things for insurance companies? Do insurers still need to consider classic data warehouse concepts based on a relational data model? Or will all relevant data be stored in big data structures and thus […]

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2月 222016

Asylum seekers not causing headaches for the UK’s Home Office may be hard to imagine. There are regular scare stories about asylum seekers and budget cuts, amid rising concerns over immigration and the strain its putting on the national infrastructure. But it needn’t mean headaches for policy makers and officials. […]

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