3月 242016

Lately there seems to be a surge in the term machine learning. Much like big data a few years ago, machine learning is the new buzzword -- and the two terms actually go hand in hand. With increasing volumes of data now stored in distributed environments such as Hadoop, it's […]

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3月 232016

Modeling risk to meet regulatory requirements is costly and complex. Because of that, some have suggested that financial services institutions (FSIs) move toward a set of standardized models. The argument is that central banks and regulatory authorities could then more easily monitor systemic risk and compare apples to apples. But […]

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3月 142016

Math lovers, do you know what day it is? It's Pi Day, which we celebrate every year on March 14 because the date 3-14 matches the first three digits of pi, 3.14. This year, I'm celebrating with poetry, combining my love of math with my love of language. Word Spy explains that a pi-ku is […]

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3月 012016

April 7, 2003 will go down in infamy for me. The streets of Syracuse, New York, were abuzz. I was a junior television major, and our men’s basketball team had just won its first NCAA basketball title. Our three-seed Orangemen had bested #2 Kansas in New Orleans, but the party […]

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2月 262016

Companies in nearly every industry – from retailers and manufacturers to commercial airlines and health care providers – are all waking up to the opportunities in the Internet of Things. If you're still trying to understand how analyzing IoT data could benefit your business, read a few of the articles […]

Ten IoT articles to catch you up on the latest trend was published on SAS Voices.

5月 272015

A proof of concept (POC) is smartest way for customers to evaluate if a product meets the required objectives, and the best way for vendors to demonstrate why they feel they are best placed to resolve the current outstanding problems. However, not all POCs are successful. Let’s explore why. What is […]

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