12月 122016

Being an industry disruptor is a lonely place to be – but if you’re successful, the rewards are well worth the initial risk. Betting big on your new way of doing things takes courage, and is only the first step in a risky process. Your next critical step is to […]

4 Basics disruptive innovators must get right was published on SAS Voices.

12月 072016

As technology evolves, so do the c-suite roles related to technology. In particular, the roles of Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer – both referred to as CDO – have seen rapid changes. This post will document the changes I've observed in these two roles, and answer questions I've heard as our customers have been navigating the […]

Rise of the CDO reflects the rising role of data was published on SAS Voices.

12月 062016

The cybersecurity challenge exemplifies how global threats have evolved and how governments must combat them. For all the complexity of the Cold War, the United States defense officials knew the nations that posed the biggest threat. The world is much different today. As General Michael Hayden (ret.), former Director of the National Security […]

Cybersecurity: A conflict of old and new was published on SAS Voices.

11月 182016

Cooperation and information sharing between tax authorities around the world can help ensure that taxpayers pay the right amount of tax to the right jurisdictions. The Common Reporting Standard (CRS) is an agreement between countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development to collect and share data from their financial institutions annually. This remarkable achievement […]

The Common Reporting Standard: an opportunity and a challenge for tax authorities was published on SAS Voices.

11月 172016

At SAS, we've worked hard to transform ourselves into an analytical marketing organization. And it's an ongoing journey. As new tools and data sources appear, we'll continue to grow, change and improve. As the leader of this effort, I wish there had been a how-to guide available when we started […]

Three steps to modernizing your marketing organization was published on SAS Voices.

11月 162016

There are no limitations for what you can accomplish. That’s the message Keith Poston from the Friends of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences imparted to 300 middle and high school students, teachers and parents assembled this week at the museum for the fourth STEM Career Showcase for Students […]

Event inspires students with disabilities to pursue STEM careers was published on SAS Voices.

11月 152016

Currently, most fraud detection solutions for financial crime and tax fraud are focused on risk assessing entities. That is to say, they evaluate the risk of each individual or businesses separately. While this helps prioritize risk-based investigations by alerting investigators to the likelihood of fraud, it does not necessarily maximize deterrence. […]

From fraud detection to fraud prevention: working towards optimal audits was published on SAS Voices.

11月 112016

Retail isn't an easy place to be these days. The environment is omnichannel and ever-changing. Competition is rising and retailers are struggling to understand how to best meet customers’ merchandise preferences. Fortunately, analytics are driving profitability and market share for smart retailers. Let’s take a look at the four hottest […]

4 hottest trends in retail analytics was published on SAS Voices.

11月 102016

The Data For Good initiative is all about using data and analytics to improve the lives of citizens around the world – however most people wouldn’t immediately think about tax collection as a humanitarian effort. But that’s exactly how Courtney Kay-Decker, Executive Director of the Iowa Department of Revenue sees […]

Fighting tax fraud at the Iowa Department of Revenue was published on SAS Voices.

11月 042016

The digital age has fundamentally changed how brands and organisations interact with consumers. This shift has been a crucial part of the Third Industrial Revolution and helped spark the era of consumers sharing their data with different organisations. But now organisations are heralding the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and data is […]

Analytics: The lifeblood of the Fourth Industrial Revolution was published on SAS Voices.