12月 162017

With the Christmas holiday approaching, I got to wondering what they call Santa in other countries. Of course, some countries don't celebrate Christmas - but most countries at least have some sort of "winter holiday," and most also have some tradition of gift-giving. So, I guess the better question might [...]

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12月 172016

"Two weeks to go," Santa said to himself, with millions of toys stacked up on the shelves. Each year worry hit at the same time – "How do I get the right toy to the right child without losing my mind?" Though Old St. Nick didn't have a computer science degree, deep down […]

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12月 222015

Santa Claus and his elves are gearing up for another holiday season, busy filling orders and wrapping gifts for all of the good little boys and girls. Since snowglobes are popular gifts this year, Santa Claus has dedicated an entire department to build and wrap the 32,768 snowglobe orders that […]

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12月 222015

Hidely-hodely, everyone! As you might imagine, the size and variety of the gift inventory at the North Pole puts Wal-Mart to shame. And while we’ve been at this for hundreds of years, we still make too many of some things and not enough of others. No elf can forget the […]

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12月 182015

You’d better watch YouTube, you’d better not cry You’d better not post, I’m telling you why Big data is coming to town He’s making many lists (and selling them too), he’s writing it twice (for redundancy’s sake), He’s gonna find out whose naughty or nice Big data is coming to town […]

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Santa and SAS Again: Santa’s Dashboard

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12月 182008


(santaDashBoard.png, With permission by Mr. Robert Allison)

Merry Christmas again. SAS marketing staff started up an interesting Christmas campaign on how Santa operates his workshop. Here is another wonderful work about Santa’s Dashboard, created by SAS senior R&D staff, Robert Allison.

Robert is a master of graphics and visualization. You can view his SAS/Graph examples in the following link:

Delivers the Right Toys and Goodies to the Right Boys and Girls: Story of Santa and SAS

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12月 142008

How to know the boys and girls’ real demands around the world? and how to predict their demands in next Christmas?

How to purchase toys and goodies with a balance of costs and profits? and how to deliver them more efficiently?

There are lots of questions in the list of Santa, CEO of Santa’s Workshop. SAS’s marketing staff held a very creative champion for the coming Christmas. You can watch the interview with Santa in, or read the success story about Santa, Santa’s Secret: Magic? No. It’s SAS(R) Business Analytics.

Merry Christmas.