climate change

11月 282018

The US recently released the National Climate Assessment. When asked about it, Trump said he had only read "some" of the report, and he told reporters "I don't believe it." Climate change and global warming is a hotly debated topic, but putting aside the debate itself, I also read "some" [...]

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6月 152018

Many things in nature can be seen as chain reactions. When one action occurs, others follow suit. For example, atmospheric greenhouse gas levels are increasing, which leads to a warming of the oceans. As the oceans warm, weather and climate patterns across the globe are impacted because the amount of [...]

4 ways to visualize climate changes in the oceans and the Arctic was published on SAS Voices by Mary Osborne

4月 052018

Data and analytics touch our lives every day. Consider: A call from your bank warning of a suspicious transaction. A well-timed discounted offer for something you need. Most people realize that data and analytics are behind these things, but they remain on the periphery of mainstream conversations. We need to [...]

Data can tell stories that transform the world was published on SAS Voices by I-sah Hsieh