2月 202015
As the point person for SAS joining the new Open Data Platform (ODP) initiative, I want to make it clear why SAS is involved with ODP, and why we think it’s important to our customers, and the Hadoop and big data ecosystem as a whole. SAS is not in it to […]
7月 142012
First, there was “networking”. I never got into that scene—I was never comfortable “selling myself” and climbing corporate ladders and all. (Hey, I've got real work to do!) Then along came “social networking”, which is a double whammy for someone like me who is not very comfortable in social settings […]
5月 302012
This is not a post about members of the police force, but a post about an increasingly used form of collaboration within organizations named "Communities of Practice". The other night I found a great conversation in a Knowledge Management LinkedIn group on some best practices regarding Communities of Practice. Sometimes [...]
4月 252012
Although you can get many denials (and few candid confessions), it’s probably safe to assume that, in some organizations, IT teams and analysts must manage their way through varying levels of organizational contention. At first glance, that can be a little difficult to understand. After all, their roles are quite [...]
11月 192011
I’ve had many recent opportunities to discuss the role of IT and business based on recent research efforts, focus group conversations, customer visits and advisory board discussions. Some of the feedback is really striking and sadly comical – “They don’t get it, they don’t understand analytics” – I heard the [...]