collegiate sports analytics

3月 142019

Why is sports analytics rapidly becoming a high priority for several universities? Because they’re beginning to truly understand the significance of a winning athletic program. The value of a win speaks volumes and takes on different forms. It trickles down to the fans filling the stadium seats, television contracts, fan [...]

It’s a game changer: Sports analytics in higher education was published on SAS Voices by Ron Righter

8月 022018

Recently, Scott Jackson, Director Business Intelligence at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shared their data quality, reporting and analytics journey. They're using SAS in a multitude of ways – from operations, institutional research, athletics – and are now looking to scale to the enterprise. They've been so successful [...]

Scaling data and analytics across the University of North Carolina was published on SAS Voices by Georgia Mariani

6月 132018

What do the New York Mets, the Orlando Magic and the Boston Bruins all have in common? They all use SAS analytics to gain deeper insights into athlete recruitment, retention, performance, safety and more. And after seeing the success teams like these have had using analytics, collegiate sports are turning [...]

The key to success in college sports? Analytics. was published on SAS Voices by Georgia Mariani