COVID-19 research

6月 192020

Adverse outcomes, and the rapid spread of COVID-19, have accelerated research on all aspects of the disease. You may have found it overwhelming, and very time-consuming, to find relevant and specialized insights in all the scientific literature out there. To aid researchers in quickly identifying relevant literature about key topics [...]

Speed up your COVID-19 research with text analysis: step-by-step was published on SAS Voices by Melanie Carey

5月 132020

As we continue the fight against COVID-19 and reflect on the pandemic response, it’s in our nature to look for opportunities to work together and help others. Indeed, we’ve seen numerous acts of heroism alongside tragic stories of loss. In the research community, we are inspired by efforts to find [...]

Can data sharing accelerate research in the fight against COVID-19? was published on SAS Voices by Jeremy Racine