8月 122020

As he watched me unpack yet another Amazon delivery, my husband decided to do an intervention. Scattered around me on the floor were solar panels, water purification tablets, tarps, hunting knives and enough batteries to power New York City for many weeks. It was 2019 and hurricane season was upon [...]

Manufacturing production during the pandemic: Panicked or pragmatic? was published on SAS Voices by Marcia Walker

7月 302020

How can organizations be more resilient during an uncertain business and public health situation? Lessons learned from organizations at the front lines of crisis response reinforce the importance of good analytic governance. These leading organizations have shown us that the fundamentals of the analytic life cycle – data, discovery and [...]

Don't forget analytic fundamentals in times of crisis was published on SAS Voices by Alyssa Farrell

7月 092020

How have healthcare providers and governmental agencies predicted the fast-changing, potentially exponential increase in the need for medical services and equipment through the various stages of the COVID-19 pandemic? Mathematical techniques that attempt to model and understand the likely spread of the disease have been instrumental. The SEIR model is [...]

Are your hospital resources at risk of hitting capacity? was published on SAS Voices by Melanie Carey

7月 082020

The current state of policy enforcement during an infectious disease pandemic is mostly reactive. Public health officials track changes in active cases, identify hot-spots and enforce containment policies primarily based on geographic proximity. By combining telecommunications data -- which we turn into mobility information -- with public health data of [...]

Mobility tracing: Helping local authorities in the fight against COVID-19 was published on SAS Voices by Carlos Pinheiro