8月 222017

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) invests in education and training to create the next generation of conservation leaders from the around the world. These leaders go on to have a powerful influence on the fate of the world’s most biodiverse and vulnerable places. While scores of leaders benefit from WWF’s support, [...]

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8月 152016

What does it really mean when we talk about the concept of a data asset? For the purposes of this discussion, let's say that a data asset is a manifestation of information that can be monetized. In my last post we explored how bringing many data artifacts together in a […]

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8月 022016

A long time ago, I worked for a company that had positioned itself as basically a third-party “data trust” to perform collaborative analytics. The business proposition was to engage different types of organizations whose customer bases overlapped, ingest their data sets, and perform a number of analyses using the accumulated […]

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4月 182013
The old adage “there is no I in team” is never more true than in today’s collaborative society. People and organizations share knowledge via wikis. They share advice, opinions and answer questions via social media. Recently I read about a case where a manager asked a new employee to do [...]