Customer Story

7月 042017

When I arrived for a training course with the name, "Powerful storytelling for tech," I was surprised to discover that most of the attendees worked in sales, rather than the marketing and communications crowd I'd been expecting. They were all there to learn how best to engage prospects – how [...]

Powerful storytelling for tech was published on SAS Voices by David Smith

5月 162017

Artificial intelligence. Big data. Cognitive computing. These buzzwords are the ABCs of today’s marketplace. In a recent interview at SAS® Global Forum, I discussed the unprecedented pace of change that we’re seeing in the market. It’s creating what I like to call an analytics economy. In this economy, analytics – [...]

How companies can succeed in an analytics economy was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

4月 102013
A new SAS survey uncovered a big data disconnect, with only 12 percent of organizations on board. Why weren’t more of the organizations surveyed taking steps towards a big data pay off? Without a doubt those that are implementing big data strategies will see a competitive advantage. And the longer they [...]