cyber security

9月 152016

Historically, generations could expect to experience one – maybe at best – major technology disruption or transformation in their lifetime. That’s simply not the case today. Today it is more difficult than ever before to know what will transform the technology landscape in the next month or the next year. […]

What’s your digital health care plan? was published on SAS Voices.

3月 262016

As the federal government’s ability to collect personally identifiable information has increased drastically in recent years, so have attacks targeting that information. Insider threats are of particular concern, according to the Government Accountability Office's 2015 bi-annual High Risk Report. The GAO specifically states, “Risks to cyber assets can originate from […]

Protecting against the insider threat was published on SAS Voices.

2月 092016

Featuring a computer-savvy kid and Cold War intrigue, the 1980s movie War Games inspired more than one generation of STEM graduates. Sean Dyer is one Gen X’er who credits the movie for sending him on a path to where he is today as a cyber security data scientist. As the […]

Behind the scenes: data science meets cyber security was published on SAS Voices.