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9月 192017

Though I'm more of a marketer than a technologist, I do work at a technology company, which means I'm acutely aware of the well-documented shortage of analytical professionals. But there's another shortage in the field that doesn't get nearly the attention: the dearth of women in analytics. During her Analytics Experience 2017 keynote address, Reshma Saujani highlighted the issue, [...]

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1月 052017

What are the most useful skills a data quality leader can possess? As an editor of an online data quality magazine, I naturally get asked this type of question regularly at events and meetups. My answer may surprise some who are expecting a data-centric response. I firmly believe that sales and […]

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6月 292016

Throughout my 10 years at a leading direct marketing and CRM agency, a chief issue we solved for our clients was what we affectionately referred to as a spaghetti junction. It’s a nickname often given to a massively intertwined road traffic interchange that resembles a plate of spaghetti, like this […]

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5月 092016

The current rate of workforce change is unprecedented. Each new generation of working professionals is emerging more rapidly than the one before, with increasingly advanced expectations of their employers. The latest cohort is Generation Z, typically defined as those born after 1998. This group is fresh-faced, independent and extremely pragmatic. […]

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1月 052016

Despite many experts touting 2016 as a significant year for innovation, IT is still chaotic, with many teams stuck in an old world. Organisations are implementing countless digital and data projects in an attempt to improve business models and streamline processes. Sadly, these rarely reflect any kind of coherent company-wide IT […]

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10月 012015

If I were to believe the feedback I get, statisticians are among the most difficult people to work with. What’s more, they’re the only group that should be allowed to work in data analytics. It sounds harsh, but this may explain why big data projects continually fail. Businesses need statisticians who are both […]

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4月 272015

One area that often gets overlooked when building out a new data analytics solution is the importance of ensuring accurate and robust data definitions. This is one of those issues that is difficult to detect because unlike a data quality defect, there are no alarms or reports to indicate a […]

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