data discovery

3月 172020

Data management has never been the shiny object that caught the imagination of the mainstream. And let’s be honest, it's not nearly as interesting as analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence. In fact, entire movies get created about analytics, and people actually pay to see them! Data management? Not so [...]

Past, present and future ... it's always been about data management was published on SAS Voices by Todd Wright

5月 022017

For many years the humble spreadsheet has held many different roles and responsibilities supporting finance, marketing, sales -- pretty much every department in your business. There's always someone with a “magic spreadsheet,” but how effective is this culture that always uses the same format to consume data? My view of [...]

The spreadsheet: Friend or foe? was published on SAS Voices by Tim Clark

6月 262015

I've been playing around with this equation to show how big data derives value using analytics. From my perspective, it looks like this: Big data + analytics = Hadoop + SAS = Value. To expand the equation, I started thinking about the V's of big data and the D's of analytics. You've probably heard about the […]

Get value from the V's of big data by using the D's of analytics was published on SAS Voices.

10月 062014
One of the hottest trends today in the business intelligence and analytics spaces is “self-service”. The word self-service is thrown around lightly in many situations and often carries different expectations for different people and organizations. Before we go into the details of self-service analytics it is important to have a […]