data monetization

9月 232016

What if you could predict with near-perfect accuracy what you’re going to sell and when your customer is going to buy?  Right supply, right time is the goal German manufacturers have set themselves, without reducing the configuration options customers expect. Having almost completed stage 1 of their plan – changing […]

Four key data monetisation opportunities was published on SAS Voices.

8月 122016

Data monetization, at its simplest, is the process of turning data into bottom-line value for a company -- often through improving efficiency and/or customer experience, and building customer loyalty as a result. This may sound simple, but in practice, it’s anything but. Good data, advanced analytics and real-time decision making […]

Monetizing data from the IoT was published on SAS Voices.

7月 042016

Data monetisation is a hot topic these days. Especially for people like me watching the movements of early adopters – companies who are using data to create new revenue streams or even create new businesses to capture those revenue streams. DataStreamX is a notable start-up whose sole business is cashing […]

The three P’s of data monetisation was published on SAS Voices.

11月 252014
For many industries, big data analytics have opened numerous doors for more employees to be groundbreaking and to challenge the corporate status quo. Prior to big data technologies, risk taking behaviors were primarily reserved for provocative souls who stretched organizational boundaries to disrupt industries, such as airline revenue management. There were winners and losers […]