data preparation

9月 022016

Critical business applications depend on the enterprise creating and maintaining high-quality data. So, whenever new data is received – especially from a new source – it’s great when that source can provide data without defects or other data quality issues. The recent rise in self-service data preparation options has definitely improved the quality of […]

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8月 292016

Hadoop has driven an enormous amount of data analytics activity lately. And this poses a problem for many practitioners coming from the traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) world. Hadoop is well known for having lots of variety in the structure of data it stores and processes. But it's fair to […]

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8月 262016

Have you ever wanted to include data in an analysis without having to subset it from different tables and put it all together in a new table? Have you wanted to “see” how your data will come together before committing to joining many tables to make sure you get it […]

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8月 222016

In my last post, I talked about how data still needs to be cleaned up – and data strategy still needs to be re-evaluated – as we start to work with nontraditional databases and other new technologies. There are lots of ways to use these new platforms (like Hadoop). For example, many […]

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8月 172016

I'm hard-pressed to think of a trendier yet more amorphous term today than analytics. It seems that every organization wants to take advantage of analytics, but few really are doing that – at least to the extent possible. This topic interests me quite a bit, and I hope to explore […]

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8月 152016

What does it really mean when we talk about the concept of a data asset? For the purposes of this discussion, let's say that a data asset is a manifestation of information that can be monetized. In my last post we explored how bringing many data artifacts together in a […]

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8月 102016

If your enterprise is working with Hadoop, MongoDB or other nontraditional databases, then you need to evaluate your data strategy. A data strategy must adapt to current data trends based on business requirements. So am I still the clean-up woman? The answer is YES! I still work on the quality of the data. […]

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8月 032016

Data access and data privacy are often fundamentally at odds with each other. Organizations want unfettered access to the data describing customers. Meanwhile, customers want their data – especially their personally identifiable information – to remain as private as possible. Organizations need to protect data privacy by only granting data access to authorized […]

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