data preparation

8月 102016

If your enterprise is working with Hadoop, MongoDB or other nontraditional databases, then you need to evaluate your data strategy. A data strategy must adapt to current data trends based on business requirements. So am I still the clean-up woman? The answer is YES! I still work on the quality of the data. […]

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8月 032016

Data access and data privacy are often fundamentally at odds with each other. Organizations want unfettered access to the data describing customers. Meanwhile, customers want their data – especially their personally identifiable information – to remain as private as possible. Organizations need to protect data privacy by only granting data access to authorized […]

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8月 022016

A long time ago, I worked for a company that had positioned itself as basically a third-party “data trust” to perform collaborative analytics. The business proposition was to engage different types of organizations whose customer bases overlapped, ingest their data sets, and perform a number of analyses using the accumulated […]

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7月 282016

Data preparation before modeling is an unavoidable chore. One of the most time-consuming tasks can be cleaning up categorical data that may have misspellings, inconsistent capitalization and abbreviations, and the like. The Recode tool in JMP makes data prep a lot easier. Watch this video by my colleague Ryan DeWitt […]

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4月 112016

I used JMP to explore a recent FAA drone data set, inspired by a weekly data visualization challenge called 52Vis. The data set contains "reports of unmanned aircraft (UAS) sightings from pilots, citizens and law enforcement." I decided to focus on exploring the time data. I'll describe how I prepared the time […]

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4月 082016

A soccer fairy tale Imagine it's Soccer Saturday. You've got 10 kids and 10 loads of laundry – along with buried soccer jerseys – that you need to clean before the games begin. Oh, and you have two hours to do this. Fear not! You are a member of an advanced HOA […]

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2月 052016

Gerhard Svolba is a colleague at SAS who is not only an experienced analyst and a caring father, but also an author for SAS Press and an enthusiastic sailor. He has done valuable research about detecting data quality problems and their consequences for data analysis. As a statistician, I’m well […]

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1月 112016

When my band first started and was in need of a sound system, we bought a pair of cheap yet indestructible Peavey speakers, some Radio Shack microphones and a power mixer. The result? We sounded awful and often split our ear drums from high-pitched feedback and raw, untrained vocals. It took us years […]

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12月 222015

In two previous posts (Part 1 and Part 2), I explored some of the challenges of managing data beyond enterprise boundaries. These posts focused on issues around managing and governing extra-enterprise data. Let’s focus a bit on one specific challenge now – satisfying the need for business users to rapidly ingest new data sources. Sophisticated business […]

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12月 162015

If you read my last post, then you know that I’m giving myself the gift of data this holiday season! For me, collecting data on my diet and fitness habits is a gift that just keeps on giving. Although I may not look at all my data sets on a […]

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