Data Profiling

12月 202016

Data governance seems to be the hottest topic at data-related conferences this year, and the question I get asked most often is, “where do we start?” Followed closely by how do we do it, what skills do we need, how do we convince the rest of the organisation to get […]

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1月 112016

When my band first started and was in need of a sound system, we bought a pair of cheap yet indestructible Peavey speakers, some Radio Shack microphones and a power mixer. The result? We sounded awful and often split our ear drums from high-pitched feedback and raw, untrained vocals. It took us years […]

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12月 212015

Most people have logged on to a social media site, maybe to look up an old friend, acquaintance or family member. Some people play games, or post funny pictures or other information they want to share with everyone. Do you ever ask yourself what happens with this information? What if your business wanted to purchase this information and […]

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3月 242015

I've been in many bands over the years- from rock to jazz to orchestra - and each brings with it a different maturity, skill level, attitude, and challenge. Rock is arguably the easiest (and the most fun!) to play, as it involves the least members, lowest skill level, a goodly amount of drama, and the […]

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3月 042015
In The Princess Bride, one of my favorite movies, our hero Westley – in an attempt to save his love, Buttercup – has to navigate the Fire Swamp. There, Westley and Buttercup encounter fire spouts, quicksand and the dreaded rodents of unusual size (RUS's). Each time he has a response to the […]