data quality

6月 062016

Single view of customer. It's a noble goal, not unlike the search for the Holy Grail – fraught with peril as you progress down the path of your data journey. If you're a hotelier, it can improve your customer's experience by providing the information from the casinos and the spa at check-in to better meet your […]

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5月 132016

I've spent much of my career managing the quality of data after it was moved from its sources to a central location, such as an enterprise data warehouse. Nowadays not only do we have a lot more data – but a lot of it is in motion. One of the […]

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5月 092016

In my previous post I discussed the practice of putting data quality processes as close to data sources as possible. Historically this meant data quality happened during data integration in preparation for loading quality data into an enterprise data warehouse (EDW) or a master data management (MDM) hub. Nowadays, however, there’s a lot of […]

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5月 052016

We had just completed a four-week data quality assessment of an inside plant installation. It wasn't looking good. There were huge gaps in the data, particularly when we cross-referenced systems together. In theory, each system was meant to hold identical information of the plant equipment. But when we consolidated the […]

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4月 272016

In my last post we started to look at two different Internet of Things (IoT) paradigms. The first only involved streaming automatically generated data from machines (such as sensor data). The second combined human-generated and machine-generated data, such as social media updates that are automatically augmented with geo-tag data by […]

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4月 202016

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is used broadly to cover any organization of communication devices and methods, messages streaming from the device pool, data collected at a centralized point, and analysis used to exploit the combined data for business value. But this description hides the richness of […]

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4月 112016

Throughout my long career of building and implementing data quality processes, I've consistently been told that data quality could not be implemented within data sources, because doing so would disrupt production systems. Therefore, source data was often copied to a central location – a staging area – where it was cleansed, transformed, unduplicated, restructured […]

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4月 082016

In my first blog article I explained that many insurance companies have implemented a standard data model as base for their business analytics data warehouse (DWH) solutions. But why should a standard data model be more appropriate than an individual one designed especially for a certain insurance company? Besides faster […]

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