data quality

4月 042016

While it’s obvious that chickens hatch from eggs that were laid by other chickens, what’s less obvious is which came first – the chicken or the egg? This classic conundrum has long puzzled non-scientists and scientists alike. There are almost as many people on Team Chicken as there are on Team […]

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3月 302016

Does it upset you when you log onto your healthcare insurance portal and find that they spelled your name wrong, have your dependents listed incorrectly or your address is not correct? Well, it's definitely not a warm fuzzy feeling for me! After working for many years in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and […]

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3月 282016

I'm frequently asked: "What causes poor data quality?" There are, of course, many culprits: Lack of a data culture. Poor management attitude. Insufficient training. Incorrect reward structure. But there is one reason that is common to all organizations – poor data architecture. The (inherited) data architecture problem Most organizations have some degree of […]

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3月 232016

Many data quality issues are a result of the distance separating data from the real-world object or entity it attempts to describe. This is the case with master data, which describes parties, products, locations and assets. Customer (one of the roles within party) master data quality issues are rife with examples, especially […]

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3月 162016

At a recent TDWI conference, I was strolling the exhibition floor when I noticed an interesting phenomenon. A surprising percentage of the exhibiting vendors fell into one of two product categories. One group was selling cloud-based or hosted data warehousing and/or analytics services. The other group was selling data integration products. Of […]

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3月 092016

When you spend long enough writing and working in any industry, you inevitably see trends emerge and reach varying levels of maturity. Data governance is one such trend, as you can see from the following Google Trends chart: When I started writing about data quality best practices back in 2008, it's […]

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3月 032016

I've been doing some investigation into Apache Spark, and I'm particularly intrigued by the concept of the resilient distributed dataset, or RDD. According to the Apache Spark website, an RDD is “a fault-tolerant collection of elements that can be operated on in parallel.” Two aspects of the RDD are particularly […]

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