data steward

11月 192014
Data stewardship is one of the most important, and commonly misunderstood, aspects of data quality and data governance. Not only are the characteristics of a good data steward a rare combination of skills to find in an individual employee, the culture of most organizations does not nurture the development of data stewardship. It would not […]
11月 012013
Data stewardship is one of the prime positions in any data management organization. The business and technical stewards are the conduit between the organizing functions in the management structure (which determine policies and processes for data management) and the data management functions that perform the actual work, such as data [...]
1月 162013
Like most Americans (who hold an average of 11 jobs over the duration of their careers), I’ve worked for a variety of companies. Some were employee-friendly, while others, to put it kindly, thought of employees as a means to an end.  I was thinking about all those jobs today as we found [...]