data stewardship

12月 052016

Data quality initiatives challenge organizations because the discipline encompasses so many issues, approaches and tools. Across the board, there are four main activity areas – or pillars – that underlie any successful data quality initiative. Let’s look at what each pillar means, then consider the benefits SAS Data Management brings […]

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11月 282016

One aspect of high-quality information is consistency. We often think about consistency in terms of consistent values. A large portion of the effort expended on “data quality dimensions” essentially focuses on data value consistency. For example, when we describe accuracy, what we often mean is consistency with a defined source […]

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10月 272016

In my prior posts about operational data governance, I've suggested the need to embed data validation as an integral component of any data integration application. In my last post, we looked at an example of using a data quality audit report to ensure fidelity of the data integration processes for […]

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9月 292016

We've witnessed a significant rise in data governance adoption in recent years. Careers, technology, education, frameworks, practitioners – there's growth in all aspects of the discipline. Regulatory compliance across many sectors is a typical driver for data governance. But I also believe one of the main reasons is the realisation by […]

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9月 222016

In my last post, we explored the operational facet of data governance and data stewardship. We focused on the challenges of providing a scalable way to assess incoming data sources, identify data quality rules and define enforceable data quality policies. As the number of acquired data sources increases, it becomes […]

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9月 122016

Data governance can encompass a wide spectrum of practices, many of which are focused on the development, documentation, approval and deployment of policies associated with data management and utilization. I distinguish the facet of “operational” data governance from the fully encompassed practice to specifically focus on the operational tasks for […]

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6月 152016

Master data management (MDM) is distinct from other data management disciplines due to its primary focus on giving the enterprise a single view of the master data that represents key business entities, such as parties, products, locations and assets. MDM achieves this by standardizing, matching and consolidating common data elements across traditional and big […]

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