Data Visualization

8月 252014
In my previous blog entry, I talked about my frustrations in making good-looking hard-boiled eggs that were easy to peel. My Internet searches found a number of different techniques that cooks said were essential to success, but I wanted to know which techniques were best. So I set up a […]
8月 192014
Introduction Understanding the behavior of your customers is key to improving and maintaining revenue streams. It is a an important part when crafting successful marketing campaigns. Using SAS Visual Analytics you can analyze, explore and visualize user behavior, click paths and other event-based scenarios. Monitoring the customer journey by visualizing all […]
7月 112014
Data visualization tools are a great way to create impactful reports.  A well designed report can give users an understanding of their data quickly and easily.  And with tools like SAS® Visual Analytics, users can now quickly visualize and understand vast amounts of data.  However, with all the visualization options […]