Data Visualization

8月 212013
JMP has a rather straightforward distribution analysis using histograms accompanied with various statistics such as mean, standard deviation and the quantiles. But if you care about gaps in your data, whether small or large, histograms might not be your best bet. Another basic statistical tool, the dot plot, can reveal [...]
8月 012013
Industry-changing dynamics like mobility, smart products, social media and embedded computing put a premium on big data and the insights you can gain from organizational data. As a result, the opportunity to be disruptive with analytics has never been greater. Yet, when it comes to making analytics work, not all organizations [...]
7月 242013
A recent post by Richard Zink highlighted the Shift plots process in JMP Clinical software. Shift plots (and shift tables, a recent enhancement to JMP Clinical 4.1) are a key analysis for data from SDTM findings domains (e.g., laboratory, vital signs, etc.), according the FDA ICH E3 guidance. JMP Clinical [...]
7月 172013
JMP Clinical has several features to summarize records from SDTM Findings domains, data that result from “planned evaluations to address specific tests or questions.” In other words, this includes any data from the myriad of tests or procedures that are performed as part of the doctor’s examination: laboratory tests, ECG [...]
7月 162013
JMP 11 has many data visualization updates, and a few of them are featured in the following graph of solar array data. Can you identify the new features? Before giving the answers, I’ll mention a few other prominent JMP 11 features, some of which we’ll blog more about when JMP [...]