Data Visualization

5月 182012
From the Analytically Speaking panel discussion this morning -- a live webcast I watched with hundreds of other people -- I picked up a multitude of strategies for helping co-workers, managers and executives become comfortable with using analytics to inform decision-making. Here are 10 of my favorite tips from that discussion: Start [...]
5月 152012
I recently gave a short talk at Predictive Analytics World in DC called “Analytics: The Beauty of Diversity.” Having just met with a wonderful group of customers a few weeks ago on the JMP Customer Advisory Board, I noticed that some of the same themes appeared: diversity of perspectives and [...]
5月 102012
I've always enjoyed programming contests. I was a regular contestant and sometimes winner in MacTech magazine's Programmer's Challenge in the '90s where the fastest code wins, and I've been a longtime participant and now part-time administrator at Project Euler, where only correctness matters. For the past couple years, I've been [...]
5月 042012
We are holding a seminar on how to build better statistical models on Thursday 10 May, and the number of people who have registered is unprecedented. More than 100 people are planning to attend from a vast array of analytical functions, including banking and insurance, R&D and manufacturing, marketing and [...]