Data Visualization

4月 112012
Many years ago, we added the Presummarized control charts to JMP version 5 at the request of folks in the semiconductor industry. While there are many types of Presummarized control charts, one of the most common is the chart called, “Individuals on Group Means,” which plots the subgroup average just [...]
3月 272012
JMP software is used for making important and compelling business points and scientific discoveries. Having worked in the software industry for a number of years, I’ve also found an interesting personal reliance on JMP to answer simpler questions in my daily life. I realized this recently as I maneuvered through [...]
2月 232012
New demos from live Mastering JMP webcasts are now available for viewing at your leisure. I divided each webcast into two or three videos. Registration is required to view the videos. Here's a hint: After you register, bookmark the page from which you launched the videos so that you can [...]