Data Visualization

10月 112011
The analysis of adverse events (AEs) suffers from the problem of dimensionality. It is impossible to predict what AEs will occur on study, and there are often numerous events by study’s end. Typically, the incidence of adverse events is summarized in tables, with events coded by a medical dictionary, such [...]
10月 042011
When working with users new to JMP, I find it helpful to have a simple process to guide statistical discovery. We statisticians could debate the process of statistical discovery for a long time, but I find the process presented in Figure 1 works for most situations. Assuming we have already [...]
9月 272011
The Internet is all abuzz, aflutter and atwitter lately about Netflix’s recent decisions to raise prices and split its well-known DVD-mail service off into a new service called Qwikster. I’m not immune to the hype, and since my last Netflix charge came in at over $25, I've been wondering if [...]
9月 222011
Well, another fantasy baseball season has come and gone in the Synthetic Chemicals Baseball League. I am pleased to report that the JMP Yankees have taken the 2011 title. This eight-team league was formed in 1988, and this is the 13th championship for the JMP Yankees franchise in the 23-year [...]
9月 092011
The autumn lineup of live Mastering JMP webcasts is set. And if you are one of the 2,000+ JMP users who attended a live webcast during the first half of 2011, you'll notice some new topics: • Sept. 29: Finding the Best Predictive Model for Your Data • Oct. 6: [...]
8月 082011
At a recent meeting with Alan Brown of Syngenta, one of the world’s leading agribusinesses, he described how his role has evolved from being a chemist into being a global statistical troubleshooter. In this role, Alan helps other parts of Syngenta, notably production, to increase yields and resolve problems through [...]