Data Visualization

8月 302016

Do you ever need to visualize more than three dimensions in your graphs? If so, you likely know about parallel plots, or parallel coordinate plots. They’ve been available in JMP for a long time. In the new version of JMP, parallel plots are even easier and more fun to use […]

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8月 172016

Graph Builder is one of the most-used parts of JMP. As a result, the drag-and-drop graph creation platform receives a large number of customer requests for features and changes. The next version of JMP includes many Graph Builder improvements that directly resulted from these requests. One big example are the […]

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8月 052016

The Summer Games are over, and here's one thing that surprised me. I had assumed that since Rio is in the southern hemisphere, where it’s currently winter, the Games would be shifted a couple months, as they were for Sydney. I’ve since learned that Rio is very pleasant in the winter […]

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8月 032016

Montgomery County, Maryland, publishes all traffic violations since 2013, now totaling more than 780,000 incidents. Besides the location and details of the violations, the table also contains information about the vehicles involved, such as make, model, year and color. It’s car colors that I want to explore here. Even though […]

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7月 132016

Reporting can reveal last year’s graduation rates or this semester’s completion rates at a local community college. But drilling further into that data to ask why students aren’t graduating or why they aren’t enrolling requires more complex analysis. At Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, college administrators and professors are […]

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6月 292016

Every once in a while, I run across a bar chart on a log scale, and it always feels wrong. At first glance, I compare the bar lengths and start making comparisons. But eventually, I notice the log scale on the axis and try to convince my brain to forget everything […]

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6月 282016

“That’s all baseball is, is numbers; it’s run by numbers, averages, percentages and odds. Managers make their decision based on the numbers.” -- Rollie Fingers, 1981 AL Cy Young Award Winner The Cy Young Award has been given to the best pitcher in baseball since 1956. The American and National […]

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5月 312016

When your job involves making decisions that affect thousands of college students, making the right decisions can have a large impact on the future. Giving college administrators easy access to reliable analytics can help improve enrollment and graduation rates – and find answers to complex questions that cut across many […]

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5月 272016

"Correlation does not imply causation.” Does that bring back memories from your college statistics class? If you cringe when you hear those words, don’t worry. This phrase is still relevant today, but is now more approachable and easier to understand. Here at SAS, we use SAS® Visual Analytics to make […]

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5月 252016

Dr. Karen Copeland will be our featured guest on Analytically Speaking on June 8. She is the owner of Boulder Statistics, a successful consultancy to a wide array of industry sectors around the world — medical device, diagnostics, chemicals, marketing, environmental, consumer and food products, pharmaceuticals, and web analytics, among […]

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