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4月 282017

On almost all of my master data management (MDM) consulting engagements, someone on the client team inevitably asks how MDM is different from data warehousing. This question is both an understandable and important one. It’s usually not that people are confused about MDM’s focus on master data, as opposed to reference data [...]

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11月 162016

It's that time of year again where almost 50 million Americans travel home for Thanksgiving. We'll share a smorgasbord of turkey, stuffing and vegetables and discuss fun political topics, all to celebrate the ironic friendship between colonists and Native Americans. Being part Italian, my family augments the 20-pound turkey with pasta – […]

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9月 222016

In my last post, we explored the operational facet of data governance and data stewardship. We focused on the challenges of providing a scalable way to assess incoming data sources, identify data quality rules and define enforceable data quality policies. As the number of acquired data sources increases, it becomes […]

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9月 142016

In Part 1 of this two-part series, I defined data preparation and data wrangling, then raised some questions about requirements gathering in a governed environment (i.e., ODS and/or data warehouse). Now – all of us very-managed people are looking at the horizon, and we see the data lake. How do […]

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9月 122016

Data governance can encompass a wide spectrum of practices, many of which are focused on the development, documentation, approval and deployment of policies associated with data management and utilization. I distinguish the facet of “operational” data governance from the fully encompassed practice to specifically focus on the operational tasks for […]

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