data wrangling

2月 172017

Are your friends passing around clever memes (supposedly) featuring something your favorite actor said, or sharing news articles that you think might be "fake news"? If there's even a hint of data analyst in you, then you probably check the actual data, and confirm or disprove the supposed facts yourself. I [...]

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9月 062016

I'm a very fortunate woman. I have the privilege of working with some of the brightest people in the industry. But when it comes to data, everyone takes sides. Do you “govern” the use of all data, or do you let the analysts do what they want with the data to […]

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5月 042015

In April, the free trial of SAS Data Loader for Hadoop became available globally. Now, you can take a test drive of our new technology designed to increase the speed and ease of managing data within Hadoop. The downloads might take a while (after all, this is big data), but I think you’ll […]

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