5月 262017

Thanks to 100 dedicated volunteers who spent their entire weekend digging into data at North Carolina’s first-ever DataDive: The Anti-Defamation League was able to cite the new approaches it was taking to analyzing hate crime data when its CEO testified before the US Senate in early May. Counter Tools, a [...]

Using data for good: Volunteers dive into data was published on SAS Voices by Kim Darnofall

5月 252017

Around the world, animals continue to be added to the endangered species list. Thankfully, there are organizations like WildTrack, a nonprofit organization using non-invasive techniques to monitor endangered species. With the help of SAS® technology, WildTrack can use its collection of data to preserve endangered species and improve conservation efforts. [...]

SAS and WildTrack protect endangered species, one footprint at a time was published on SAS Voices by Shannon Heath

12月 142016

Clinical research generates extensive amounts of data, yet most of it is siloed or generally unavailable to a larger pool of willing potential researchers. If this data were liberated to the masses, we would venture into a world of endless possibilities where the search for new cures and treatments could […]

Clinical research data sharing promises new cures and treatments was published on SAS Voices.