–Demand-Driven Forecasting

9月 272017

Depending on who you speak with you will get varying definitions and opinions regarding demand sensing and shaping from sensing short-range replenishment based on sales orders to manual blending of point-of-sales (POS) data and shipments.        Most companies think that they are sensing demand when in fact they are [...]

Is demand sensing and shaping a key component of your company’s digital supply chain transformation? was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

8月 172017

Analytics-driven forecasting means more than measuring trend and seasonality. It includes all categories of methods (e.g. exponential smoothing, dynamic regression, ARIMA, ARIMA(X), unobserved component models, and more), including artificial intelligence, but not necessarily deep learning algorithms. That said, deep learning algorithms like neural networks can also be used for demand forecasting, [...]

At the end of the day, it’s all about analytics-driven forecasting was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

5月 182017

Are you caught up in the machine learning forecasting frenzy? Is it reality or more hype?  There's been a lot of hype about using machine learning for forecasting. And rightfully so, given the advancements in data collection, storage, and processing along with technology improvements, such as super computers and more powerful [...]

Straight talk about forecasting and machine learning was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

10月 072016

Machine learning is taking a significant role in many big data initiatives today. Large retailers and consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies are using machine learning combined with predictive analytics to help them enhance consumer engagement and create more accurate demand forecasts as they expand into new sales channels like the […]

Machine learning changes the way we forecast in retail and CPG was published on SAS Voices.

12月 122013
Our blog editor extraordinaire Shelly Goodin brings you tips and information on technical content from our books that you can use immediately in your work. But what if you’re not there yet? What if you want to start with a 50,000-foot level view of analytics overall? Or learn how forecasting [...]