3月 072017

To get a high-performing analytics team producing insights that matter, you need great people, powerful software and a culture of experimentation and innovation. Three simple ingredients, but getting there is far from easy. In this post, I’d like to get you thinking about how to organize for success by building [...]

Building a high-performing analytics team was published on SAS Voices by Steven O'Donoghue

3月 012017

DevOps is enjoying a lot of attention at the moment, mostly because of its promise to increase software quality at lower cost. DevOps is a hybrid term linking development and operations. It's a philosophy that focuses on improving efficiencies in how we build and deliver software, solutions and the supporting environments. [...]

Should data scientists buy into the DevOps philosophy? was published on SAS Voices by Greg Willis

2月 152014
Bridging the Rift between Dev and Ops As a member of the Product Marketing team at SAS, I spend a good part of my time researching – analyst reports, industry journals, blogs, social channels – and listening to what our customers are saying. Early last spring I began noticing the term [...]