digital transformation

3月 192020

Digital transformation. Yup, I said it. It's over-hyped, but it's also real and powerful. While our customer-obsessed world is being liquefied from physical assets into virtual assets, and analog processes into digital processes - the world is turning into bits and bytes of data. As this trends evolves, the role [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Analytics as a guiding light was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

5月 082018

I have good news to share about the future. Despite what you may have heard elsewhere, the future of work in a world with artificial intelligence (AI) is not all doom and gloom. And thanks to a research-backed book from Malcolm Frank, What to Do When Machines Do Everything, we [...]

Optimistic about AI and the future of work was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard

7月 252017

In the first half of 2017 and in my only domain – which is marketing – an announcement set the tone for a major change. How not to be stunned when “Coca-Cola ditches global CMO role in leadership shake-up”? If there is only one product you can find anywhere on [...]

With AI, marketing is needed but marketers might not be was published on SAS Voices by Christine Coudert

12月 232016

It's that time of year again. Holidays, parties, gifts, cooking, closing annual business, hitting targets and preparing for 2017. Looking back on the year for the communication and media industries, it has been a year of transition for the industry and for many of the customers I work with in my role […]

Closing out a year of transformation in the communication and media industries was published on SAS Voices.

12月 072016

As technology evolves, so do the c-suite roles related to technology. In particular, the roles of Chief Digital Officer and Chief Data Officer – both referred to as CDO – have seen rapid changes. This post will document the changes I've observed in these two roles, and answer questions I've heard as our customers have been navigating the […]

Rise of the CDO reflects the rising role of data was published on SAS Voices.

10月 232014
Did you know: For 13 percent of car buyers a new vehicle without internet access is a no-go? Obviously, no-go means no-buy. Thirteen percent! If I have ever seen a market demand, it is this. For sure, the industry will respond to that. The management consulting company Bain even expects […]