Diversity and Inclusion

9月 082020

Inclusion and diversity are strengths. The SAS company culture is built on a foundation of caring for one another and holding ourselves and others accountable. That includes recognition and accountability for where we can improve. Our work of inclusivity is evolving and continuous. We must frequently re-examine the way we speak, act [...]

Inclusive terminology: Knowing better, doing better  was published on SAS Voices by Gavin Day

4月 302018

When you ask Mark Yost about what he does at SAS every day, his eyes light up. Mark’s our Assistant Manager for Food Services at SAS, but he’s so much more than that. He’s a champion for diversity and a leader who empowers his team to be the same. For [...]

Embracing all abilities: The ultimate win-win was published on SAS Voices by Allison Bonner