4月 302018

When you ask Mark Yost about what he does at SAS every day, his eyes light up. Mark’s our Assistant Manager for Food Services at SAS, but he’s so much more than that. He’s a champion for diversity and a leader who empowers his team to be the same. For [...]

Embracing all abilities: The ultimate win-win was published on SAS Voices by Allison Bonner

1月 132018

Former U.S. Chief Technology officer Megan Smith stressed the importance of continued investments in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in her keynote address at SAS Analytics Experience, sharing a quote from George Washington. In his first address to Congress, in 1790, Washington said, “There is nothing which can better [...]

Former US Chief Technology Officer encourages STEM diversity was published on SAS Voices by Paula Henderson

10月 052016

While men still outnumber women in the analytics field, there are plenty of opportunities available for women. At a recent Chief Data and Analytics forum, I was encouraged to see a well-balanced number of senior executives presenting about the business of analytics.  Speakers included 12 women and 14 men, which indicates a […]

Two tips for women starting a career in analytics was published on SAS Voices.