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12月 012015

Recently, I have been thinking about how search can play more of a part in discovery and exploration with SAS Text Miner. Unsupervised text discovery usually begins with a look at the frequent or highly weighted terms in the collection, perhaps includes some edits to the synonym and stop lists, […]

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Enterprise Search Summit

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5月 152010
My colleagues, Kathy Lange and Cailyn Clark were both at Enterprise Search Summit earlier this week in New York City to attend the conference as well as host our customer, The Tribune Company. The Summit is a highly intense, in-depth, two-day conference that covers how to develop, implement and enhance cutting-edge internal search capabilities, so Kathy and Cailyn were also there to support SAS' recent news on Text Analytics.

This year the emphasis for Enterprise Search Summit 2010 is how enterprise search enables Information Access. Search can no longer be viewed as a stand-alone application. It's so timely because Kathy & Cailyn sponsored the SAS booth at the conference to highlight and share SAS Enterprise Content Categorization, which applies natural language processing and advanced linguistic techniques to automatically categorize multilingual content. It parses and analyzes content for entities, facts and events to create metadata, develop taxonomies, and generate category rules and concept definitions to apply to large volumes of documents to trigger business processes.

We were fortunate to have Keith DeWeese, Taxonomy and Automated Indexing Project Manager at Chicago Tribune join us as well. Keith manages the Tribune Company's controlled vocabularies used for automated news categorization and indexing. Prior to working at the Tribune, he was employed by Dow-Jones, the Federal Reserve, Encyclopedia Britannica, and Columbia College, Chicago. At the conference he spoke on ontology and "controlled vocabularies." Keith also shared some headlines, proving you need to "know" your content. For example, "Obama Earmarks Funding for Pet Causes" is not an article about pets! If you are interested in learning more about the conference you can following the Tweets from the Summit #ESS10. You can also review some of the presentations from the Summit at The Noisy Channel .