12月 042015

The other day I was chatting with an ETL developer and he said he always pushes queries into the database instead of dragging data across the network. I thought “Hmm, I remember talking about those topics when I was a DBA.” I'd like to share those thoughts with you now. […]

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10月 092015

There are many ways to do data integration. Those include: Extract, transform and load (ETL) – which moves and transforms data (with some redundancy) from a source to a target. While ETL can be implemented (somewhat) in real time, it is usually executed at intervals (15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 […]

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8月 262015

While not on the same level of Rush, I do fancy myself a fan of The Who. I'm particularly fond of the band's 1973 epic, Quadrophenia. From the track "5:15": Inside outside, leave me alone Inside outside, nowhere is home Inside outside, where have I been? The inside-outside distinction is rather apropos […]

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4月 232015

What data do you prepare to analysis?  Where does that data come from in the enterprise?  Hopefully, by answering these questions, we can understand what is required to supply data for an analytics process. Data preparation is the act of cleansing (or not) the data required to meet the business […]

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