event stream processing

2月 032020

Almost everyone enjoys a good glass of wine after a long day, but did you ever stop to wonder how the exact bottle you're looking for makes it's way to the grocery store shelf? Analytics has a lot to do with it, as SAS demonstrated to attendees at the National [...]

How analytics takes wine from grape to grocery was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

8月 212018

When you hear someone refer to an ‘inside baseball’ move, it means they’re playing into the subtleties of the game. Inside baseball requires a high level of awareness, experience, and strategic thought. This typically results in a mix of strategies to get runners on base and manufacture runs rather than [...]

Three 'inside baseball' tactics for manufacturing leaders was published on SAS Voices by Roger Thomas

6月 262018

I have lived in the Town of Cary for more than twenty years; two of my three children were born at the local WakeMed Cary Hospital. I’m a big fan of my city, or town as it prefers to be called – even though the population is over 160,000. That’s [...]

Living in a model smart city in Cary, NC was published on SAS Voices by Lee Ann Dietz

4月 262018

A future of flying cars and Minority Report-styled predictive dashboards may still be some time away, but the possibilities of robotics and Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered automation are a reality today. From connected cars to smart homes and offices, we see daily how big data and the Internet of Things (IoT) [...]

IoT use cases on display at new innovation centre was published on SAS Voices by Randy Goh

2月 272018

“Quick response forecasting (QRF) techniques are forecasting processes that can incorporate information quickly enough to act upon by agile supply chains” explained Dr. Larry Lapide, in a recent Journal of Business Forecasting column. The concept of QRF is based on updating demand forecasts to reflect real and rapid changes in demand, both [...]

Is quick response forecasting a reality or just another buzzword? was published on SAS Voices by Charlie Chase

10月 272017

If you’ve been waiting for the buzz to settle around the Internet of Things before deciding how to invest in this new technology space, now’s the time to stop waiting. I’ve been working in the technology sector for a few decades, and the innovation and excitement I’m seeing around IoT [...]

The Internet of Things is happening now was published on SAS Voices by Randy Guard