event stream processing

4月 272016

In my last post we started to look at two different Internet of Things (IoT) paradigms. The first only involved streaming automatically generated data from machines (such as sensor data). The second combined human-generated and machine-generated data, such as social media updates that are automatically augmented with geo-tag data by […]

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4月 202016

The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is used broadly to cover any organization of communication devices and methods, messages streaming from the device pool, data collected at a centralized point, and analysis used to exploit the combined data for business value. But this description hides the richness of […]

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4月 152016

Some people think motorcycle racing is a sport for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. So you might be surprised to hear that after many years of racing, I’ve found it to be a contemplative activity more related to precision and prediction than reckless abandon. In motorcycle racing, the driver has […]

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4月 082016

A soccer fairy tale Imagine it's Soccer Saturday. You've got 10 kids and 10 loads of laundry – along with buried soccer jerseys – that you need to clean before the games begin. Oh, and you have two hours to do this. Fear not! You are a member of an advanced HOA […]

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3月 232016

Even the most casual observers of the IT space over the last few years are bound to have heard about Hadoop and the advantages it brings. Consider its ability to store data in virtually any format and process it in parallel. Hadoop distributors, such as Hortonworks, can also provide enterprise-level […]

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3月 162016

Streaming analytics is a red hot topic in many industries. As the Internet of Things continues to grow, the ability to process and analyze data from new sources like sensors, mobile phones, and web clickstreams will set you apart from your competition. Event stream processing is a popular way to […]

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1月 272016

The Internet of Things (IoT), sensors and connected devices are all the buzz leading up to DistribuTECH (Feb 9-11), so I sat down with one of our IoT specialists, Lorry Hart to learn more. Lorry will be at DistribuTECH to support our joint demonstration with Intel and gave me the […]

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12月 162015

When we talk about the Internet of Things and “analytics at the edge,” we’re talking about modeling data as close as possible to the device – not far away in some warehouse or data storage appliance. So, generally, the edge is anything with a sensor that is transmitting data: an […]

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12月 082015

I've seen a number of articles and webinars recently that discuss data integration as a cloud-based service. So I thought it was worth exploring what this really means in the context of big data – specifically when the objective is to exploit many sources of streaming data for analytics. My initial reaction […]

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