event stream processing

Imagine you are the race director for a Formula One car. Decisions must be made within seconds, sometimes in the blink of an eye. When speed is of utmost importance, it is necessary for race engineers to have all relevant race data at their fingertips.  Instead of having a couple of […]
Imagine this scenario: Every device we encounter in our day-to-day routine – from our refrigerators and automobiles to our water and gas meters – has embedded sensors that read real-time information and generate unfathomable amounts of data. Now take this scenario one step further. Imagine what kinds of insights we’d […]
I was recently part of team discussing enterprise architecture with a chief IT architect, and we were explaining how SAS can integrate into their existing infrastructure, add business value on top it and even fit into their future planned infrastructure.  This conversation was one of the reasons I blogged about [...]
Acronyms are funny things. Need an example? Try decoding this sentence: How is event stream processing (ESP), applied to electrical submersible pumps (ESP) in the oil and gas industry, like extrasensory perception (ESP)? Even if you had extrasensory perception you would still need some clarification if that sentence contained acronyms only. [...]
As more and more data is being collected and analyzed, it becomes even more important to have a strategy in place that will allow you to get value out of your data. Since it's humanly impossible for your brain alone to process fast streaming data, an event stream processing (ESP) engine [...]