first timer

9月 212011
Student’s schedules are packed with activities these days but taking time out to attend a conference is always a great addition to any semester.  For students who use SAS and want to attend a SAS Users Group conference, here are some tips to help you get the most out of [...]
4月 132010
Debbie Buck wants to see all of the folks who are attending their first SAS Global Forum here in Seattle, to return again next year.
Buck, who will serve as the chair for SAS Global Forum 2011 in Las Vegas, led a “First-timers’ Session” before the main festivities of SAS Global Forum 2010 got under way in Seattle. During her presentation, Buck shared her top 10 tips and tricks to get the most out of SAS Global Forum.

Here’s her list:
10. Visit the Demo Hall.
9. Meet new people.
8. Use your program.
7. Don’t waste your time.
6. Build a Personal Agenda.
5. Try a new technology at a Hands-On workshop.
4. Be prepared.
3. Don’t wear yourself out.
2. Volunteer.
1. Free stuff.

“The goal here is that you have a great conference experience this year, so that you come back next year for the conference in Las Vegas,” Buck said. “If you get a lot out of this conference, you will want to come to future conferences.”
So, have a great time in Seattle, and we’ll look for your next year in Las Vegas.