1月 312018

Can you use a data visualization tool to display building maps, floor designs and other Esri data? With the recent addition of custom polygon support in SAS Visual Analytics 8.2, customers wondered if this feature can be utilized to render different types of regional overlays. A common request is to [...]

Building and visualizing custom polygons in SAS Visual Analytics was published on SAS Voices by Falko Schulz

3月 092012
This questions comes from when I want to email a dataset, it's too large to email. So I need to split it into several subsets to email.

Usually for two variables data, 1 million obs will be about 10MB after gzip. This is a proper size to email.

Here shows an example how to split a 10000 records data into several subdata with each having about 2300 obs.

options mprint mlogic;

data test;
  do i=1 to 10000;

%let n_obs=2300;

proc sql noprint;
  select count(1) into :m_total from test;

%macro sub_data;
    %let n_dataset=%sysfunc(ceil((&m_total/&n_obs)));
      %do i=1 %to &n_dataset;
        data sub_data_&i;
          set test;
        if (&i-1)*&n_obs+1<=_n_<=&i*&n_obs;
%mend sub_data;