geospatial analysis

10月 142020

Everything happens somewhere, and much of our customer data includes location information. Websites include x, y coordinates in semi-structured click streams, and the mobile apps your prospects depend on frequently support device location to provide a personalized, targeted experience. As my SAS peer Robby Powell said: "Human brains are hardwired [...]

SAS Customer Intelligence 360: Data visualization, location analytics and geospatial insights was published on Customer Intelligence Blog.

11月 032017

When disasters strike, we’re all left wondering what we can do and how we can help. Many donate money and items. Others donate their time volunteering on the ground. Me? I dive into data. I have a passion for using data for good, and have been fortunate to be involved [...]

Analytics helps Puerto Rico communications after disaster was published on SAS Voices by Mary Osborne

7月 222016

With the Pokémon Go craze sweeping the world, techies and programmers are looking to apply their skills to gain an advantage over the average user. In this blog post, I show how to use some of SAS' geospatial analytics capabilities to capture a Pikachu. Let's say you know of a building that has […]

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6月 242015

If you use a GPS system or a mapping app on your phone, you're familiar with geospatial intelligence. But did you know this same technology can be used to map the spread of diseases, to understand the spread of wildfires, to visualize environmental issues - and much more? The proliferation […]

Looking "beneath the dots" of geospatial data was published on SAS Voices.