2月 032017

It was just a few years ago that the idea of an Internet of Things (IoT) seemed far off, something out of a science-fiction movie. After all, why would a vehicle need to talk to the road?  Why would our utility meters need to talk to the central office? The […]

How can the Internet of Things help government agencies? was published on SAS Voices.

1月 182017

Improving citizen happiness is an important goal for many, if not all, governments.  But what is happiness really?  Can it be objectively measured?  Can we discover the key factors that best correlate with happiness?  And ultimately, can governments implement policies and programs that maximize happiness? Is maximum happiness nothing more than […]

Can you measure and optimize happiness? was published on SAS Voices.

11月 102016

The Data For Good initiative is all about using data and analytics to improve the lives of citizens around the world – however most people wouldn’t immediately think about tax collection as a humanitarian effort. But that’s exactly how Courtney Kay-Decker, Executive Director of the Iowa Department of Revenue sees […]

Fighting tax fraud at the Iowa Department of Revenue was published on SAS Voices.

7月 012015

In my previous post, I talked to John Cassara, a former U.S. Intelligence Officer and Treasury Special Agent, about growing concerns over trade-based money laundering. I followed up with him about the growing threat of mobile payments and how mobile phones can potentially be used to launder illicit funds globally. Here are the […]

M-payments could take money laundering to new levels was published on SAS Voices.

2月 182015
The UK government is such a great candidate to benefit from better analysis and use of data both internally and externally, given the volume of data available to it. So it was pleasing to see this article by Eddie Copeland, Head of Technology Policy at Policy Exchange, where he argues […]