12月 212016

Are you a visualization & graphing expert? Can you identify which tool (R, Excel, Tableau, SPSS, Matlab, JS, Python, or SAS) was used to create each of these graphs? No cheating! I recently read Tim Matteson's blog where he presented 18 graphs, and had his readers try to guess which […]

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12月 012016

When I was a kid, I always looked forward to Casey Kasem's American Top 40 song countdown at the end of the year. Did I listen to check whether my favorite songs had made the list, or to critique how well the people making the list had done in picking the 'right' […]

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11月 042016

Elections in the US are a 'target rich environment' for data analysts. There are surveys and forecasts before the election, and the presentation of results during and after the voting. What's your favorite election-related graph of all time? For the current (2016) presidential election, my favorite graphs are on the […]

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10月 272016

Halloween appears be my favorite holiday, because I seem to have more graphs related to it than any of the others. And since Halloween is just a few days away, I thought you might like an easy way to see all those graphs. Here's are links to my previous Halloween-related blog posts, containing […]

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9月 162016

I've created several hundred SAS graphs over the years. I was just musing to myself this morning how nicely Google lets me peruse through images of my graphs. And I thought some of you might also like to know how to do that... Most of you know how to search for keywords […]

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5月 152012
~ Contributed by Lelia McConnell, Technical Support Consultant, SAS ~ Base SAS 9.3 has made creating high quality graphics output easier than ever. Did you know that you can create great looking, high resolution graphs with Base SAS? The Customer Support Website provides sample code to help you create graphs [...]