3月 142016

Math lovers, do you know what day it is? It's Pi Day, which we celebrate every year on March 14 because the date 3-14 matches the first three digits of pi, 3.14. This year, I'm celebrating with poetry, combining my love of math with my love of language. Word Spy explains that a pi-ku is […]

Let's celebrate Pi Day with a pi-ku was published on SAS Voices.

7月 152011

Happy weekend and Haiku again!

My finger hurts,

I can not dance

Tango in Bastille.

So… any ideas?

… …

… … …

OK. I am a terrible Haiku writer. The sentences are not self explained without  /*commentaries*/ . So the story behind the scene…

One day my remote workstation was very very slow due to some network issues. But I still needed to write and run SAS codes in the server which is located in France. It really hurt my fingers from the ergonomic point of view.

“Tango” was my project code. But why Bastille? oh, that day happened to be round the Bastille Day in France. The performance of the remote server that time was just as terrible as the Bastille I want to break so I could do my project work more smoothly!


Note that after my completing this Tango Haiku, I did a Google search and found that there is really a French book called Bastille tango!


12月 302010

End year Haiku again!

Yesterday I finished my project, wrote a Haiku to colleagues worldwide to say happy new year, then closed my desktop, said goodbye to colleagues still in office:

In December my baby born

my project deliveries followed on

Now my computers shutdown

do until(6 Jan 2011) I will be OOO

Please take blessings from John

Happy New Year!

Haiku from SAS R&D staff

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12月 102008

First prompts are silent.
Subsequent prompts loud and clear.
Now all prompts are heard.

Poem from R&D staff?
Yes. Rhyming sonnets were shakespeare-like complex;
they wrote Japanese haiku, showed as above.

The SAS R&D staff should complete some paper work in defects system before changing a code. They use informal descriptive language(HAIKUUU!) in the early stage. Chris Hemedinger, a senior software engineer at SAS, collected some haikus in his blog to show the humor side of SAS R&D staff. It’s interesting to cite one of the most famous haikus by Matsuo Bashō for comparison:

Old pond
a frog jumps
the sound of water

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