11月 142018

Teenagers. I have three boys, and two of them are teenagers. 15 year-old Kav is my middle son, and he gave me permission to share his story here. When he was five, Kav was diagnosed with Type I Diabetes, and I'm in awe of how he's accepted this challenging, lifelong [...]

How next-best-action could transform health care was published on SAS Voices by Heather Hallett

12月 202017

US health care costs are the highest in the developed world, despite per-capita healthcare spending roughly double that of the others, but with outcomes worse-or-equal-to comparable countries. A 2014 Commonwealth Fund study ranked the United States 11th out of 11 major industrial nations in overall healthcare. An aging population is [...]

Using data to discover what’s driving hospital readmissions was published on SAS Voices by Leo Sadovy

9月 192017

12 hours: That’s how quickly you can die from sepsis. Oh – you’ve never heard of sepsis?  Not surprising. More Americans have heard of Ebola, a nearly non-existent condition in the U.S., than sepsis – a condition that affects more than 1.6 million Americans every year. Sepsis is the body’s [...]

Using data for good: It’s a matter of life and death was published on SAS Voices by Jill Gress

11月 022016

Being an Eagle Scout, the data for good movement caught my attention. I wondered if I could apply my computer skills in a way that might help. How about showing people better ways to visualize HIV/AIDS data - that might help doctors better understand the data, and therefore better treat […]

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11月 012016

What would happen if we could ask any type of scientific or clinical question about patients, and then go out and find the data to answer our questions? With "real-world data," we can do just that. Real-world data is all medicinal product data that comes from real-life patients. In contrast, […]

Using real-world data from real-life patients was published on SAS Voices.

10月 242016

Living to 100 isn't as simple as just paying a certain amount of money for your healthcare. But that is an interesting aspect of longevity, so let's have a look at the data ... In my previous blog post, we analyzed how much people from various countries spend on healthcare. […]

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