10月 212016

In recent healthcare blogs I’ve looked at the need to drive more value from the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) and how this relies upon the ability to make decisions based on robust, data-driven insights. But what value will these decisions have if they're not founded on a mature data […]

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10月 182016

With the US Affordable Care Act (ACA)  and other health topics in the news lately, I wondered how much people spend on healthcare in various countries. Of course spending varies from person to person, so I decided to take a look at the average per capita spending in each country (it's […]

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8月 312016

It’s nearly impossible to avoid the debate. From politicians and pundit commentary, to dinner table discussions across the United States, the hot topic for the last several years has been the rising cost of health care. Consider that health care expenditures in the US were $3 trillion in 2014 and are […]

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6月 072016

The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) Confederation has done lots of great research on how to enhance decision making so that every decision delivers greater value to patients (in terms of clinical outcome) and to health care organisations (in terms of operational effectiveness). In its most recent report on this […]

Why evidence, not culture, is the key to driving value-based healthcare was published on SAS Voices.

4月 262016

Right now, National Health Service (NHS) managers and clinicians in the UK are under phenomenal pressure to find big efficiency savings while improving the value of services to patients. Many in the NHS see integrated care as the answer. But the first step is finding innovative ways to increase the […]

Why clinical insights, not budgets, hold the key to value-based healthcare was published on SAS Voices.

3月 302016

Lately I've seen several articles about drug overdose deaths being on the increase. But I didn't really like the graphs in those articles, so I tried to create some better ones using SAS ... For example, here's a map from the National Center for Health Statistics website (see the 3rd dashboard/tab […]

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12月 242014
Historically healthcare has been most ‘self’ motivated to improve its ‘cost containment’ processes and methods.  This is evident from the significant gap that exists between the technology and process in finance versus healthcare.  Many healthcare organizations (either government or commercial) are not ‘profit’ oriented – take the Blues for example, […]
11月 192014
Today’s healthcare system is under tremendous pressure to reduce overall costs without losing track of the patient. Legislative changes and challenging economic realities make it increasingly difficult to deliver both improved outcomes and cost savings for the most complex patients. The Physicians Pharmacy Alliance (PPA) recognizes the changing healthcare landscape […]